Research Projects

Economic Development Course in Pennsylvania (EDCP)

The EDCP is one of nineteen nationally accredited courses conducted in various locations across the Nation. The course attracts over 60 practitioners from inside and outside the state of Pennsylvania for a 6 day long conference. Over 30 instructors from the ranks of business, government, academia, and development organizations provide the theory and nuts and bolts' of area development programs and business retention as well as expansion, marketing, prospecting, financial packaging and closing a deal. Successful completion of the course will qualify the participants for entry into the Economic Development Institute program sponsored by the American Economic Development Council.

South Central Assembly for Effective Governance (Assembly)

Worked with local government, business and community representatives on the development of the Assembly and its various committees. Planned and organized the first "Summit" which brought together government, community and business leaders from an eight county region in South Central Pennsylvania. The Assembly works on various topics including government cooperation, land use planning, coordinated zoning, and other joint efforts.

PA Department of Health

In conjunction with representatives from the Department, the Center worked to develop a www homepage for the the Department of Health. Activities included the development of graphics, design of page layout, html coding, and content presentation along with providing training in Microsoft FrontPage 97.

Dauphin County Summit

Worked with County representatives to plan and facilitate the activities of two county-wide meetings for elected and appointed local government officials. This involved planning the meetings; developing training materials and training facilitators; moderating small group working sessions; developing and analyzing a survey of local government concerns regarding cooperative activities; and preparing slides and graphics for presentations.

Economic Impact Analysis

Conducted economic impact analysis for organizations looking to measure events shaping effecting their organization. These impact analysis have measured the impact of events at a local level, county level and state level on jobs, income, business sales, and other economic measures. A sample of recent projects include.

  1. Proposed location of new utility plant in a county in Pennsylvania. Examined the impact on the county of the proposed plant for 20 years.
  2. Proposed legislation increasing sales tax for a 10 county region in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Examined the impact on the region for the length that the legislation would stay in effect.
  3. Proposed legislation permitting riverboat gaming in Pennsylvania. Examined the impact for several years on the construction and operation of riverboat gaming facilities in the state.

New Baldwin Corridor Coalition (NBCC)

Provided administrative support to the Coalition including the development of newsletters, brochures WWW Homepage and other marketing materials; facilitation of meetings and conferences; planning and arranging conferences; maintaining mailing lists;

The NBCC is comprised of representatives from business, labor, government, education and the community who began work to revitalize the New Baldwin Corridor. Geographically, the Corridor includes eight municipalities and seven school districts. The Coalition has worked on several projects in the areas of local government, business cooperation, joint planning, coalition building, business assistance, and community involvement.

New Baldwin Education Committee

Provided administrative staff support for the education committee. This involved working with the Committee which is comprised of three representatives from each school district; one administrative, one teacher, and one business, along with representatives from Penn State Harrisburg, Harrisburg Area Community College, and several other education related organizations on the following projects:

  • A Regional Community Needs Assessment which surveyed resident in all seven districts. This assessment provided the basis for joint projects and planning activities within the seven districts and regional educational institutions.
  • A Regional Summer Camp program allowing students from one district to attend programs at another district for the same cost.
  • A Center for Youth Leadership in Law and Government where students from 7 school districts come together for a year long programs in which they gain experience and exposure to the fields of law and government.
  • A series of Challenge Day programs in which students from all 7 districts who are in the same grade level are brought together to participate in a content specific workshop - math, economics, social studies, etc...

Hanover Area Regional Visioning Project

Worked with community members in the Hanover Region conducting planning meetings, workshops, and charters to assist community members in developing a regional vision and identifying the issues and opportunities and an action agenda to address those areas.

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